Batalá Rocky Mountains

is a non-profit drum ensemble.  Our mission is to enrich and educate our community by sharing the energizing samba reggae music and vibrant culture of Brazil.  We visit schools, play in the streets, at festivals, and private events.  We are open to anyone that wants to learn and grow and play with us.  We are open to all, regardless of experience.



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Batalá Mundo was formed in 1997 by Mestre Giba 

Gonçlaves, a revered musician and artist from Bahia.  This first band originated in Paris.   The second Batalá band opened shortly after and the phenomenon has since spread to include over 50 bands in 15+ countries, with a worldwide membership of over 1,200 drummers. Please visit the Batalá music wiki page to learn more


Our instruments and clothings are all manufactured in Salvador, Bahia, where the band has a social program that gives jobs to many families. From there they are shipped to the bands around the world.  Batalá bands must purchase drums and official costumes from Bahia.  Our costumes change yearly.  In this way, we all give back to the region where the music we love and share originated.


The Surdos (bottom right) are the biggest of the drums.  One surdo is tuned slightly higher than the other and together form the base of the music.   They keep the beat, and are referred to as the 'heartbeat'.

The Dobra (bottom middle) is a smaller surdo, and plays the melodies.

The Repinique (top middle) is a higher pitched drum that alternates melodies with the dobra .  The alternating melodies, or "conversation" is known as " call and response".

The Caixa (bottom left) is similar to a snare, and provides constant rhythm and energy to the band.  It is often referred to as the 'train' or 'engine'.


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